Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unit 1: Introduction to Language Arts ends 8/22

In this unit, we briefly explore the broad and often misleading concept of intelligence.  We also confronted former our former challenges, struggles, and successes in Language Arts.  Using the understanding gained from this unit, we are now ready to explore the rigorous (and often controversial) topics ahead of us such as racism, immigration, oppression, identity, censorship, and much more.

ALL ASSIGNMENTS for Unit 1: Introduction to Language Arts

  1. Parent Letter Signed                         10 Points
  2. Classroom Supplies*                        10 Points
  3. CAHSEE Assessment                      10 Points
  4. Syllabus Quiz                                   15 Points
  5. KWL: Language Arts                        TBA
  6. Say-Mean-Matter: Intelligence          10 Points

Upcoming unit:  Immigration, Identity, and Dreams.  Approximately 5-6 Weeks.

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