Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Charting Stereotypes: Asian-Americans

Charting Stereotypes: Asian-Americans
FRONT: Using a Venn-diagram or 3-column chart, compare and contrast the depiction of Asian-Americans in the two cartoons. (Keep track of physical and intellectual characteristics)

BACK: Answer each of the following questions with at least a paragraph.
1.   Do you think these types of cartoons helped promote racism and stereotyping of Asian-Americans? Why or why not?

2.   How can children be influenced by these cartoons? 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Remind 101

Join our class on Remind 101 for updates on classroom activities and assignments.  Directions are shown in the image below.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

VICE Video: The High Cost of Deporting Parents + Extra Credit

Here is a great video about the the high cost of deporting parents.  Although I did not have enough time to show it in class, I still do recommend it to all of you.

Bonus Opportunity: If you feel like your essay won't score very high, you may submit an summary of this video for extra credit.  It will be 15 points.

Assignment Details:

Write a two paragraph summary of the video. Be sure to answer the following questions:

1. What is the real cost of deporting parents?
2. How does it affect families?
3. What should be changed?

DUE: Monday, October 6. 

Binder Check #1 (10/3)

Items with an asterisk* are assignments only for Honors Students.  Items in bold have been changed from their orignal. 

Course Info

Assignment/ Article    Points
1. Course Syllabus    N/A
2.Parent Letter    10
3.Syllabus Quiz    15

Unit 1: Introduction to Language Arts

Assignment/ Article    Points
1.KWL: Language Arts    10
2. You Can Grow Your Intelligence (Article)    N/A
3.Say-Mean-Matter: Intelligence    10
4. Personal Artifact Share    10
* 2000 Census    N/A
5.. Imagine/Changes    10

Unit 2: Immigration, Identity, and Dreams

 Assignment/ Article    Points
1.KWL:Immigration    10
2.House Blueprint    10
3.T.H.O.M.S. Notes #1    N/A
4.T.H.O.M.S. Notes #2    N/A
5.T.H.O.M.S. Questions #1    10  
6.T.H.O.M.S. Question #2    10
7.T.H.O.M.S. Group Poster   Summary  10
8.More Kids Crossing the Border Unaccompanied (Article)    N/A
9.SMM:Border    10
10.Immigrant Interview    25
11.Enrique’s Journey (Chapter 1 and 2)    N/A
12.Elements of a Story    10
*Venn Diagram: Language Poems    5
*Two Kinds: Mother Vs. Daughter    10
14. Immigration Chart (Handout)    N/A
15. Immigration Chart Questions    5