Sunday, August 31, 2014

Journal: Grading and Expecation

Grading and Expectations
There are 25 points possible for the journal. Journals are due every Friday at the end of class. The length and amount of entries assigned per week does not affect the amount of points possible. Only one entry will be reviewed while the others will be given credit.

Students will receive 5 points for completing all entries.  Points will be deducted for missing entries.
Students will receive 5 points for copying down the vocabulary. Vocabulary must be copied at the beginning of the week near the first entry.
The 15 points that are left over will be attributed to content and will follow the following guidelines:
  • ·         Students answer all or most (depending on the quality of the answers) of the questions asked in the writing prompt.
  • ·         Students provide thorough, detailed answers that show a great deal of thought into what he/she writes while attempting to connect reflection to examples from the real world, novels, movies and other sources. 
  • ·         Students provide good support with no repetition or redundancy.
  • ·         Responses are clear and easily understood by the reader.

Students will lose 1-3 points for formatting errors. Formatting errors include:
  • ·         Not putting the date
  • ·         Not writing the prompt
  • ·         Not writing the quote

Students do not have to agree with the teacher to get a good grade. All perspectives and viewpoints are always welcomed. However, students must provide support when making a statement. 


Bad Response:  I think that immigrants are treated unfairly. People are racist when they talk to them.

Good Response: In the United States, immigrants are treated like they are not humans. The government enforces laws and policies that discriminate against minorities. 

*Good and bad examples of journals will be posted every week. 

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