Saturday, September 13, 2014

Unit Vocabulary Quiz Monday

We have a vocabulary quiz on Monday 9/15.

Vocabulary from the last 3 weeks:

  1. figurative language- metaphor, similes, and personification
  2. immigration- to come or move into another country
  3. assimilation- the process of adjusting to a different culture
  4. adept- very skilled
  5. American Dream- the belief that success is possible with hard work regardless of background
  6. avarice- greed
  7. elusive- hard to catch
  8. imagery-descriptive language that uses the 5 senses
  9. ambivalent- having mixed feelings
  10. deculturalization- the act of taking away someone's culture
  11. altruistic-showing unselfish concern for others
  12. evidence- proof 

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